We hold space for all kinds of beings.

me & more stands for the I and the you, for me and the others, for meditation and so much more. There are so many ways to grow, to arrive within and to find authentic, fearless and force less empowerment and true inner peace. If you feel the desire to let us know about you, if you want to hold space or be part of the movement on site or from afar, if you want to trade energy instead of money, contact us. Feel our sincere welcome to enrich our vision with your being. We are looking forward to connect with you.

In light, shadows and always in love, 
 me & more

'Coming home, we all walk a long path until one day it feels like arriving within you with every step you take.'

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    Help and Stay

    We welcome you to stay and live on me&more.
    Please consider that your stay would be donation based and that every stay includes a cozy bed or room, as well as all meals and drinks. The minimum contribution we accept is 35€ and two hours of community service per day. That might include preparing meals or gardening or anything creative on and for the land. If you’re struggling with either of the contributions but still want to come, please send us a message and we will find a way.

    In light, shadows and love

    For more information contact us at

    Sound Healing House

    A place exclusively dedicated to your bliss and growth. The Sound Healing House offers a truly holistic path of healing through vibration, sounds, the body and the mind. Here you can attend classes at your own pace, explore the magical forests surrounding us, sing, listen, meditate, and much more. The structure combines two set sessions per week and your own flow of truth in between. A holiday to relax, a body to arrive, a soul to finally come home. Choose for yourself – a unique alternative to therapy.

    Arrival day: daily arrival possible
    Duration of your stay: flexbile, from 1 to 4 weeks. 
    Your share:  750€ per week, 2380€ per month 

    Included are all classes offered, single room accommodation, food and beverages, and free Sound Healing House group events. 


    An initiative of the German Union of Sound Therapist. Main space holder: Stefa (

    For more information visit

    Shaman Festival

    Enter a path of truly shamanic being, a celebration of life in all of its forms and an exploration of truths in ritual.

    The shamanic festival invites you to look deeper, to feel broader and to see wider. It is time to lift the curtains and see what you were meant to be in this life.

    A variety of space holders will guide you through this unique experience, connected with lover earth and mother sky.

    Please kindly note that the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances is not welcome on me & more. 


    420€ including accommodation in your own tent, soul food and drinks as well as the entire program of the festival.

    500€ including accommodation in a shared room, soul food and drinks as well as the entire program of the festival.

    Limited availability for the rooms, max 4 souls per room including kids.

    First 20 souls to sign up are welcome to join for 250€ (accommodation in your own tent)

    If you want to save your spot, contact us at

    In loving awareness and with an open heart

    Any & the team