Coming home to yourself

me & more offers a traditional old Tuscan stone house with nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms, located in the midst of the lush green hills of Tuscany, Italy.

Entering this hidden private estate, you will find seclusion, love, connection and trust in life itself.
All kinds of humans are welcome to gather here, relax, go deep and find the way back to themselves.

Our rooms are naturally perfectly climatized through the use of natural materials and the respect, love and connection for and with the land that is hosting us.

In Meditation, Yoga, conscious breath work, body work as well as in a broad variety of rituals, ceremonies and tools and techniques from the field of science we dedicate our time here to

    ⁃    personal growth,
    ⁃    holistic health,
    ⁃    true empowerment and
    ⁃    deep authentic happiness.

If you’re interested in holding space for groups here, please contact us directly under stay@meandmore.org



As a space holder you are welcome to stay, offer your gifts and grow at the same time at me & more. We do not believe in humans ever being done growing , integrating or (un)learning, therefore we offer facilitator only retreats.


Helping Hand

At me & more we offer the possibility to stay with us as a volunteer. Work, grow, live and be with us in nature, synergy, love and compassion. Reach out to us if you are interested.

Star Gazing

Connecting to the higher yet inner wisdom of the universe. Thanks to almost no light pollution me & more offers amazing night skys for connection rituals and solitude.



Help us run this truly magical place, where we gather, connect, grow and heal. For those in need we offer free of charge stays and are immensely grateful if you want to support our movement.


Organic truths

Following the path of intuition, we connect to our fourth body through food and special teas and brews. Let your body feel the difference and your soul be nourished. Energy is the key!


360° of green lush raw nature. We do not have any neighbors close. Nudity is welcome as deep processing, big group work and solitude on our 60 hectares of land.

Our Philosophy

me & more invites every visitor, long or short term, onto the path back to themselves.

Heavenly calm, surrounded by nature, the warming sun and 360° breathtaking views you will have space and time to finally breathe, feel, and fully be all that you are.

We do believe in synergy and so we take only what we need from the land, to give what we can spare. This is one reason for us to stand for

    ⁃    reasonable water consumption from our own source
    ⁃   organic, vegan, and optionally gluten-free food shared with everyone
    ⁃    use of fresh, regional, seasonal food and care products
    ⁃    natural cleansing products only in synergy with the land and our bodies
    ⁃    conscious farming and gardening
    ⁃    salt water swimming pool
    ⁃    wooden sauna for up to 14 souls for cleansing, recreational & ceremonial rituals
    ⁃    outside fire places and compost to transform what can be of use in a new form
    ⁃    solar energy 

With all those things and many more taken into consideration we built and are still building a place that honors nature and our part in it and that at the same time offers you European standards when it comes to bedding, housing, toilets, food and a certain level of luxury in our everyday lives.

We do believe that so much for our world can be done and we do not want to enter the path of self flagellation or the righteous one but embrace the higher as the lower grounds of beingVery much in the tantric way, we embrace all there is and all we are to love deeper, lighter, more fully and truly.

In me & more we do believe in the energy of being, in bliss and ecstasy that comes from within. We use our bodies only to gain higher love, to trip high and to go deep. Therefore we do not need and we do not welcome any form of psychoactive substances. If you’re struggling with a history of addiction, you are still welcome. In this case, please contact us before arriving to the center, so we can find a conscious and consent based solution that suits all of us.

Come back home to you, breathe, be and feel it all.

If you’re interested in holding space for groups here, please contact us directly under stay@meandmore.org

The Energy Behind

me & more is a center for holistic living and healing initiated and sourced by the Mevanya team. We connect in truth and trust in the nature of things. Embracing everything there is, we do believe in rituals, trauma integration and all facets of being. Therefore we work in an international team of extraordinary and interdisciplinary beings, not just versatilely educated and certified. Even more than that we are truly, honestly and epathetically embedded in your journey believing that there is truth in your very own path. 

Consequently we follow an unscripted path and fully embrace every moment on your authentic and true evolution. We show ourselves raw and true, authentic and bold in honesty, love and connection and we invite everyone to do the same and experience that there is not only acceptance abut unconditional love waiting for you. 

“True empowerment does not come from the imposition of my ideas, but from a deeper understanding of who you are.” – Mevanya

Come as you are

me & more welcomes you exactly the way you are, in joy and pain, in acceptance and connection, loving unconditionally, knowing that you could change any moment.