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House Rules

1. A cash deposit of 500 € must be paid upon arrival and will be refunded when checking out and if there’s no damage. 

2. Heating costs and electricity costs are not included in the rate and will be subject to a surcharge (according to consumption).


3. Any additional services, e.g. airport transfers, etc., are to be paid in cash upon arrival and are not refundable. Unless specified in the rental agreement, no other services or amenities are included in the rental fee.


4. For safety precautions, it is not allowed to use any high-power consumption devices (e.g. space heaters, kettles, or hair driers). Violation may result in damages for which the guest is liable. 

5. No alcohol, cigarettes, or any psychoactive substances are allowed, not matter whether they are plant based or chemical.

6. The pool and garden must be taken care of, therefore one of us or the gardener needs to access the land. We cannot leave a pool uncared for for several days.

7. Please remove your bed sheets and linen when departing and leave them in the room. Check out is at 10:00 AM.

8. We live in nature, your trash must be taken down regularly. Do not bring any food into the rooms and do not leave any food open to ensure hygienic conditions.

9. No parties! Conscious dance and celebration as well as conscious festivals are welcome.

10. In case you need single rooms, you have to let us know in advance. If we find a booking for 6 people for example, some of the other rooms might be empty but locked due to us living here. Please advice us if you need single rooms or if you desire a certain room to make sure you get exactly what you need and enjoy your stay.

11. ‘The Dependance’, ‘Wood Heaven’ and ‘Additional Double Room’ are only available on request and subject to surcharge.

12. The kitchen must be left clean, dishes can be done by us for an additional surcharge of 90€.

13. The sauna is available for booking and must be booked in advance. It takes 3 hours to heat it. The Surcharge is 40€, fire wood is included. It will be started/heated by us, please bring big sauna towels. Towels can also be rented for 3€ per towel and use.

14. Upon request, the group room is available to conscious groups for their work only and comes with a separate fee of 110€. If you want to use it, you have to let us know before arrival! We need to prepare the room and remove private ceremonial things in that case and cannot do that after your arrival, since we might be traveling and away to give you space. Using the group room without us removing our things is strongly forbidden.


15. In case of violation of house rules and defilement of bathrooms, shared spaces, or the pool, additional cleaning costs of € 375 for up to 15 people and € 20 for any additional guest shall be paid at checkout.

16. No chemical products (repellent, cream, shower gel) please, part of our blackwater goes into the land. Please protect our nature!